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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Denver Tree Service-Emergency & Non-emergency Tree Service Nationwide

Denver Tree Service Based Company Provides Emergency & Non-emergency Tree Service Nationwide

AAA Emergency Tree Service has been providing tree services throughout the USA for years-and in Colorado for nearly 2 decades!

About AAA Emergency Tree Service,LLC
Our family owned business began in Denver Colorado

1973 - Joe started business as Denver Landscape Maintenance.
1985 - The business transformed into a tree service.
2001 - We became AAA Emergency Tree Service, LLC adding a specialized line of work – Emergency Tree Work.

We have developed over the last 10 years a network of Tree service contractors in over 100 major cities throughout the United States. With these Network Contractors we are able to offer both Emergency and Non-emergency tree service 24/7/365 days a year, meeting an important need in the market place. AAA Emergency Tree Service, LLC and its network of Tree Care Professionals are committed to providing “More than Expected” results on every project, whether it is in an Emergency tree trimming or tree removal or performing Non-emergency tree maintenance.

Mission Statement

Our mission as a 24 hour Nationwide Emergency Tree Service is to provide the utmost in professionalism at every step in the process with our clients coupled with a commitment to deliver“More than Expected” results on every project while ensuring the safety of our clients and their property as one of our highest priorities.

Amarillo Emergency Tree Service
Augusta Emergency Tree Service
Bakersfield Emergency Tree Service

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Emergency Tree Service

Providing Emergency Tree Service throughout the USA.

AAA Emergency Tree Services has been proving emergency tree services in Denver for over 15 years. Our nationwide referral service helps people in every city across the USA receive quality emergency tree service from qualified professionals.

Here are some new cities we have recently added to our list:
Akron Emergency Tree Service
Anaheim Emergency Tree Service
Arlington Emergency Tree Service
Aurora Emergency Tree Service

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tree Service-Storm damage puts tree service companies to work

Storm damage puts tree service companies to work

Cleanup continues from last weekend's nor'easter

Last weekend's snowstorm was a perfect recipe for disaster: trees in full canopies, several inches of wet snow, and stiff wind to boot.

No surprise, the snow load from the record-breaking nor'easter caused tree branches to snap throughout the Northeast with central and northern Chester County getting its share of the carnage.

While it may have been a headache for property owners, it was money in the bank for some businesses.

The Tree Doctors in Parkesburg had all its crews out all week, said owner Mike Martorana.

"The trees have taken a beating," Martorana said on Wednesday. "We've been on storm calls since last Saturday."

Though Martorana's crews are being called out to cut up busted branches, that is just part of the problem.

"The concern is not the branch on the ground but where it came from," Martorana said.

Homeowners don't realize that, the end of the broken branch left on the tree has to be pruned and the wound prepared properly. Otherwise, a tree will react and seal off the part of the tree with the wound, he said.

Further, depending on how big the branch was, the whole tree could now be off balance which would create a hazard, Martorana said.

Martorana said he expects his crews to be busy for the next couple of weeks.

Hardest hit were the maples because they have big leaves that held a lot of snow.

Scott Hunter, owner of Scott's Tree Service of El

verson, said he's noticed that stump maple and silver maple, in particular, were hard hit.

Those types of maples are not as strong as the sugar maple and with the snow load on the leaves, branches broke, Hunter said.

Like the Tree Doctors, Scott's had all its crews on the road all last week.

No doubt they passed Delchester Tree Service trucks along the way.

Delchester crews spent the first part of the week on emergency calls clearing branches off driveways and rooftops, places where power and cable crews needed to work in order to restore utilities to the property, said Frank Huber, in the business since 1979.

The end of the week was devoted to general cleanup, Huber said on Friday.

Looking at his workload, Huber said his crews were spending their time in the Malvern, Paoli and West Chester areas.

"The farther north towards Pottstown, the worse it got," Huber said. "Any more wet snow (in central Chester County) and it would have been a disaster."

In addition to fixing damaged maples, Huber said he had to take down a 160-year-old white oak.

"The homeowner called me at 1 p.m. Saturday," Huber said. "I was there in a half hour and it split right in front of us. It just missed the police car."

Police were on-site to close the road, he explained.

Huber said he brought in a crane on Monday and took down the tree.

Crews from Delchester, based in East Goshen, were working all day, every day, last week up until dusk.

"We're going full-tilt," Huber said.

Leon Ressler, director of the Pennsylvania State University's Lancaster County Agriculture Extension Service, agreed that maple trees saw the most damage. Meanwhile, the region's fruit trees were spared.

Ressler said fruit trees are smaller; many are grown on a trellis, so they are support by wires.

"The old days of the 60-foot cherry tree where you used a ladder to harvest the fruit are gone," Ressler said.

These days most orchard fruit trees are dwarf to reduce labor at harvest time, the extension agent said.

This time of year the big question is; how did the fir and spruce trees make out? Will Santa be putting gifts under a pretty tree?

"Everything's perfect," said Bob Wiggins of Wiggins Auto Tags who runs a Christmas trees farm in Thornbury. The snow had "no real effect."

Actually, overall it was a pretty good season, everything looks good, it's a nice crop, said Wiggins, who has built a station at his Christmas tree farm and it is now a stop on the West Chester Railroad's Christmas Tree Train. This year the tree train makes its run Dec. 4 and 11 at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Denver Tree service company AAA is available 24/7 for all your tree service needs.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Denver Tree Service News: Storm Damage Could Have Been Worse

Storm damage could have been worse, expert says

DENVER – Despite the heavy snow and widespread tree damage, it could have been worse.

“We just missed having a major tree-trimming episode,” said Denver Forester, Rob Davis. “I was very nervous waking up, but we were lucky, just a couple of inches of more snow and we would have lost many, many more trees. As it was, we lost some big, older, broad-leaf trees. Those kinds almost hold snow, if you will.”

All over the city you could spot Denver tree company bucket trucks with trimmers doing their limb to limb tight rope, as they cut branches and limbs that had broken-bended but not fallen yet.

“I came out here to make sure this huge limb was off the sidewalk and out of the way for those trying to walk by, “ said Floyd Pride, who had chain saw in hand.

There are city drop off points that will open this weekend for those who want to haul off branches and limbs. Many cities are offering to pick up bundled and tied branches if you leave them at the curb.

As the sun came out, so did the color the snow had been covering. So, for at least one more weekend we will get to see some of the great leaf color we’ve been enjoying for the past few weeks.

“We just got back from New England and they had very little color this fall, our foliage has been just amazing this year,” said Kathleen O’Connor, who decided to take down a pair of 100-year old Walnut trees that grew up with her home in Park Hill. “All we can do is re-plant, but boy does our house look different without them!”

Denver Tree Service

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AAA Emergency Tree Service Blog

Welcome to the AAA Emergency Tree Service Blog.

We will be updating this blog from time to time with information on caring for your trees. In the meantime, if you need any help with emergency tree service, non-emergency tree service, tree trimming, tree removal, tree trimmers, stump removal, stump grinding, tree care service, cat rescue or animal rescue  please contact us today to get started at 888-630-0555.

"We look forward to serving you."